Stepping Up to the Plate

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

No matter how much you like or dislike the game of baseball, there’s is nothing like that moment where a player steps up to bat. The crowd silences, the air becomes dense. It is the moment they have all been waiting for.

As silly as it might seem, the older we get, the more this metaphor becomes valid to our Christian walk with God. As Christians we are called to a certain level of commitment and work. I mean, sure, we’re committed enough. We go to church, we lead in praise group, we volunteer at the weekly playgroup.

But we’re missing something. Something really important: We’re preaching the gospel to people who already know the gospel! And never once- though it was our own Jesus Christ who said, “I have not come to heal those who are already well, but to heal those who are sick.”- have we stopped to think that maybe we’re not doing our job.

We need to drag ourselves off of the proverbial bench and step up to plate.

In what ways can we share Jesus with people who don’t know Him yet?


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