My Biggest Fears.

Everyone has their own fear/phobia, like spiders, heights, or tight spaces. So even though some people may seem brave, they still have their fears, big or small.



Diana Alarcon: Junior

“I am afraid of commitment because I fear that I’m going to let someone down, and I don’t like to be tied down.”


Brandon Beneche: Senior

“I am afraid of strangers because I don’t know what they’re going to do. They’re unpredictable. I get shy around strangers too. I am also afraid of disappointing people because I care about people very much and I don’t want to make them sad.”



Raissa Silva: Junior

“I fear abandonment because I am afraid of having the people closest to me just drop me and forget about me. I also fear disapproval because I want to make sure I have the approval of my parents because not having it is heart wrenching for me.”



Lucas Raposo: Senior

“I am scared of big dogs because I was once attacked by four of them. I am also afraid of the dark because ‘el Diablo’ is in there.”


Fear is an uncomfortable and displeasing emotion that is caused by a belief that something or someone is dangerous and will cause you pain. What is your fear?


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