Students take a trip to Loon Mountain

On Wednesday March 26, 2014, students arrived at the driveway of South Lancaster Academy and Browning Elementary as they prepared to depart to Lincoln, New Hampshire, for a fun-packed day full of snow and shredding the slopes at Loon Mountain Resort. After all of the snowboards, ski’s, coats, and outdoor necessities were packed, the crew arrived at the mountain before they knew it.

Two and half hours later on a vigorous bus ride, the students were anxious and eager to gear up, get their lift tickets, and hit the slopes. The weather forecast predicted high winds with snow but after traveling so far a small New England storm would not be able to ruin the trip. The trails were perfect as the mountain had little to no people so it was really effortless waiting and just enjoying nature. The snow was freshly groomed and there was no ice to be seen. Unfortunately, around 2 P.M. the workers at the mountain resort decided to shut down the Gondolas due to high wind speeds and dangerous traveling conditions in them, but the trip was still worthwhile.

When asked about his thoughts of the trip, Junior, Josiah Rom said, “We were able to hang out with our friends and have fun!”

Keven Brito, Junior, said, “I’ve gone two years in a row and I’ve enjoyed it more each time, I can’t wait for next year so we can have fun and enjoy spending time with friends!”

Students really enjoyed the trip and couldn’t have asked for a better time to share with friends and other skiers and boarders alike. The trip was a blast and we can’t wait to go again next year!
Comment below with your favorite experience doing something in the snow!



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