Excuses, Excuses, EXCUSES!

My car broke down!

My ride didn’t come on time.

My dog ate my…alarm clock!

Some of the many excuses teens use when they are late to class. A few of the students at SLA got to share with me some of their own excuses they like to use when in an attendance pinch with teachers. Don’t they know excuses get you nowhere?

Dylan Gibbons: Junior
“My excuse is because people are always talking to me in the hall, so I can never get my stuff on time.”

Gabe Gloss: Freshman
“I usually say that my car battery was dead, and I couldn’t start it.”

Josh Martin and Kurtis Bakerlis: Both juniors
“We always say that we were looking for Josiah, every time.”

What are some of the excuses you go to when needed?


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