Myo, Gesture Control Armband by Thalmic Labs

Lately, Engineering has been taking society for a ride by coming out with new innovations and technology. Guess what, they are at it again and this time they’re opening a whole new world of opportunities for us as they develop the “Myo.”


The Myo is an armband that connects via wireless by using the service that almost every phone has, which is Bluetooth compatibility. BLuetooth Connectivity allows battery life to last longer due to the low amount of energy required to make the device work. The developers of the Myo are combining the technology of research on the human body and allowing you to control devices with just a simple move of a single finger. The arm band goes on your fore arm and it reads your muscles. For example, if you were to hold your hand up in the air as if to halt or stop, if you are watching a video, the video will pause and when you roll your fingers in a backwards motion it will rewind the video. The Myo armband has eight advanced electromyography (EMG) sensors which measure the electrical activity in your muscles to determine the gesture you’re making with your hand. It also has a nine-axis IMU made up of a single chip containing a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis magnetometer. The Myo will start shipping in Mid- and they are taking pre-orders right now. Pre-orders are starting at $149 and you could order online right now at

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For videos click here:


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