Movie Review: “Grace Unplugged”


The new Christian movie, “Grace Unplugged,” which stars Aj Michalka, James Denton, and featuring Contemporary Christian artist, Chris Tomlin, was released February 11.

This heart-warming film is about eighteen-year-old musician, Grace Trey, who is struggling in her relationship with her father, a former rock star who now is happy with music ministries at the local church. When her father’s old agent reappears in their lives, Grace sees the opportunity to spread her wings and become the star she’s always wanted to be.

Grace finds a lot of trials in this new life. And things don’t seem to turn out the way she had expected. Though she’s living her dream, she finds herself being pulled farther and farther away from God and where He wants her to be, and farther away from who she is. As her popularity grows, she becomes increasingly unhappy and discontented.

Finally, in one touching scene, with a heart-breaking song, she gives her music back to God, realizing that all she’d ever really needed was His unconditional love.

This modern version of the prodigal son was a wonderful story of falling and redemption and the cold hard truth about the pleasures of this world. Though the acting was a bit rough around the edges at times, it is perfect for all ages and brings the over all theme of God’s unbounded grace and love.


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