Lady Crusaders Fight Off the Bulldogs to Make History

Courtesy of Carolyn Gifford

Courtesy of Carolyn Gifford

South Lancaster Academy’s Lady Crusaders, faced a seven point deficit as the clock read 2:38 remaining in the fourth quarter. Giving it all they had, the Lady Crusaders fought to tie the score to bring the game out of regulation timing, into overtime. The clock now read four minutes. To the audience it felt somewhat like Deja Vu, replicating the beginning of the game with another tip-off. Senior, Elena Shand, won the tip-off getting the ball to Junior, Lisa Gifford. No point was directly made, but it put the Lady Crusaders in the right mind-set that there was no doubt that they could win. The events that took place in overtime, is somewhat of a blur to the audience and team, as their emotions blocked out some of the memory. Junior, Kathy Andreu, banked a 3-pointer early on, giving the Crusaders the needed ‘umph’ to take the lead. Within the four minutes the Crusaders made a lay-up along with a free-throw. Also, preventing the Monty Tech Bulldogs from scoring at all in overtime. As the buzzer rang out for the second time, the SLA Lady Crusaders were named victorious advancing to quarter-finals of playoffs, winning their first tournament game making history.

“The entire game was neck-in-neck. When the clock read 2:38 in the 4th and we were down by seven, I thought ‘ It’s a lot of time but will the girls believe it?’ And they fought. I think this is my first overtime game since I’ve been coaching. I was so proud of them the growth over the last few weeks as a team was huge. To win a close game just tells me how far we had come. Advancing to quarter finals was another step in making our girls basketball program one to be proud of. This team has just had the best chemistry they work hard. That is why they got to this point” said, coach Carolyn Gifford of three years.

The entire game was a nail bitter with no team taking a real lead, up until the seven point gap in the fourth. It was a complete team effort. Sophomore, Loree Drasich, scored a crucial lay-up in the fourth helping to tie up the score. Sophomore, Sophia Cantrell’s defense, Junior, Rosie Collado, gave all she had, eventually fouling out in overtime, and the constant prayers from Junior, and Freshman, Amber Sanchez and Isadora Ferriera.

The Lady Crusaders advanced to the next round of playoffs, versus West Boylston. Unfortunately a “W”was acheived, but it was still an amazing season. Last year five seniors were lost, and since this years team was so young, expectations for success were very low. The achievements of this season go on to prove that with God and hard work all things are impossible.

What things have seemed impossible or unlikely, but you were pleasantly with the outcome? Or what points in your life have you come back from being down, to raising to the top? Feel free to leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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