“Ring” : The Shortcut to Everything

0a7a4cdc7dda5abbf8037f27cd6430e7_largeLogbar inc. from San Carlos, CA will play a huge role in the future of technology.  Ring allows you to make basic gestures with your finger to control your home appliances, apps, send texts, pay bills, and alert you with LEDs if you have a text message or notification.  You are able to program this device with your iPhone or Android phone, you can also make custom gestures.





496d87c355c66790b2b7f599bb8f0657_largeLogbar is using Kickstarter to get money for this project and they already have doubled their goal $250,000 to $517,307 with a month to go.  Ring is competing with the smart watches and smart glasses, and I think they have a chance.  Right now the Ring looks a little big for style, but it’s features make up for it.  You can control your TV, turn on your lights, and much more.

Their will be 6 different sizes for the Ring, to fit almost anyone who wants to own one.  But luckily if you want to buy one, you can!  You must donate a minimum of $165 to their Kickstarter page and it should ship by July this summer.  Ring is a huge step in technology that could change everything.  I hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a like and or a comment down below.



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