Senior night

There comes a time in every high school athletes life where they await theb moment of graduation. Although most of the time it’s bitter sweet, graduating athletes really do look forward to moving on as hard as it may be. It’s really a recognition of the athletes dedication and his contribution to the team. It’s also a moment for parents to recognize the fact of them moving on and to also get a glimpse of their true love for the sport and how much sweat blood and tears they lay down on the court.

Senior Elena Shand

Senior Elena Shand

As many of you may or may not know, this basketball year was hectic and really was a wake up call to many of us. The seniors were excited to have their senior night February 15th, ;but due to weather related reasons, the game had to get postponed. It wasn’t very natural to not have a senior night on Saturdays due to doing it like this for many seasons, but it wasn’t impossible. So they rescheduled it to the 19th of February and they played against St Mary’s of Worcester. I personally 2 as at the game and could tell all the emotions and all the sadness about the seniors song their goodbyes to their last regular season home game.

The night started off with the girls playing at 5:30 and the seniors which are Elena Shand and Jannice Grunder were regular starters and they were loosening up to tip off and get the game started. The game started and the lady Crusaders had the early lead. They maintained the lead all through the first half which ended up in favor of SLA 31-19. Not a bad lead to hold the other team by but they didn’t stop scoring and knew they needed more to win the game. They kept playing their game and had their mind set on one goal, getting the win on such an important night. The final score was 54-42 and the ladies had won yet another game.

Senior Elena Shand

Senior Elena Shand

Elena Shand starting center/ forward and also MVP for two years running scored 19 points that game, 6 field goals and 7 free throws. Jannice Grunder, Forward also contributed to the win by scoring 6 points.

Now that the girls had won it was up to the guys to finish up the night strong and also get a win on their senior night.

The Men’s team had 4 seniors, those four being Pablo Huerfano center/forward, Brandon Beneche center, Lucas Raposo point guard and Sam Holguin shooting guard. The guy’s were also very eager to get the game started and they were ready to face the St. Mary’s Eagles. The score at the end of the first half was in favor of the Eagles winning 23-19. Then the men’s varsity coach arrived and it was as if it was some type of confidence boost that really motivated the team to win. Reason I say this is because they left the other team scoreless the entire third quarter. Yes, scoreless. Not one point was scored by the other team the third quarter. The Crusaders maintained their cool and pulled through a win. Final score was 49-36 SLA winning.

Senior Sam Holguin

Senior Sam Holguin

The time had come, the families were ready to congratulate their senior athletes in an incredible night and an even more incredible high school career. They presented the students with flowers and they also gave them custom hoodies ti remind them of where they played their last high school regular season basketball game.

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