Recap On Girls Retreat

Courtesy of Tori Stong

Courtesy of Tori Stong

Every year South Lancaster Academy gives the girls an opportunity to go on a retreat to get away for a weekend and spend time with each other and grow closer to God. This year 20 girls went along with 4 women to chaperone.

On Thursday, February 20th the girls travel about 4 1/2 hours to Rangley Maine and stayed at the Drexler Cabin on the lake . During their stay there they bonded together to learn more about each other . Also twice a day they would have group sessions and gather tools to learn how to always be thankful for the small things we receive in life. They were able to be able to share things that they felt were keeping them from being thankful in there day to day lives. Throughout the weekend the girls would be given the chance to do activities together . Just as something fun to do.

The girls returned on Sunday, February 23. All of the girls returned happy and closer then ever. They all enjoyed there time there and together. Here are a few things the girls had to say about their weekend:

“It was amazing . I had such a blast with all the girls and you really get to talk to girls who you usually would not get to . The spiritual side was also pretty cool , we learned to appreciate everything in life . Even all of the bad things in it.” Deanna Brown , Sophomore

“It was a great bonding weekend where we learned that the little things in life do always count .” Rosie Collado , Junior

“I liked that it was really relaxing and the place was beautiful and that made me happy on the inside . Overall it was a good trip and a lot of fun!” Loree Darsich , Sophomore

Comment below and share the little things you are thankful for!


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