A Look at Genuine Passion

If you looked up the word for passion in the dictionary, it would say this: “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” People have been associating passion with romantic love or sexual feelings since the fall of Adam and Eve, but these things fade away easily.

A woman on the brink of her wedding once told me that after marriage, you fall out of love with the person that you married. That you no longer loved that person as you did before. I went to my mother, as distressed as could be, and told her, “If that’s the case, then why should I even get married?” It would have been easy for me to accept this from a worldly view, but this woman was a Christian leader and someone I had admired and looked up to. Why should I even bother trying to have a relationship if I was simply going to stop loving that person after a certain amount of years?

In our Christian lives, we tend to have a sad out look on passion. We see it as something for the world, that passion is something derived from our sinful nature as human beings. “You have your passion and we will be happy with our stodgy Christian lives.” This is because we see passion -worldly passion, and worldly love- as temporary. So therefore, there cannot be passion and love in our Christian walk.

But the dictionary definition doesn’t end where we left off. It continues to say this: “the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.”

This is because passion -real, true, unadulterated passion- comes from a love for Jesus Christ. This is why a man who loves Christ is more likely to love his wife.

Love is passion and Christ is love and that’s all we need to know.


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