Game Over For Flappy Bird

Courtesy of Google Image

Courtesy of Google Image

The recent buzz around the app store has been the new game Flappy Bird. It’s a simple game however it has gotten so much unpredicted attention that the creator of the app has now made it unavailable to download anymore. The objective is to guide your bird through an endless series of green pipes without letting your bird touch them. It seems basic enough, but if you’ve played the game you know just how difficult and addicting it can be. It became so popular and not only was it the top app downloaded it the app store but it was averaging $50,000 dollars a day in advertising revenue. The Creator of the free app, Don Nguyen, says that he made the game to be relaxing and something people would only play for a few minutes. Clearly the game surpassed that expectation and went to a level Nguyen was not prepared for.

Nguyen is a 29-year-old Vietnam based game developer who also works a day job. He said it generally doesn’t matter to him if his games fail or not because of the fact that he had another job to rely on. When Flappy Bird’s success went through the roof he was overwhelmed with the attention he was getting and said he could not sleep at night.  Nguyen let everyone know by posting a status on twitter saying that the game would no longer be available after 22 hours. Many fans of the game responded threateningly which may seem like an over reaction for just a game. This is exactly the kind of obsession Nguyen did not want players to develop. Ultimately, his reasoning for taking down the game was that it was just too addicting.

Let us know what you think of Flappy Bird and if it was necessary for it to be taken down.


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