Do’s and Don’ts of Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day comes around once every year. It is either  loved by some or completely dreaded. It is often referred to as the Singles Awareness Day , but if you just so happen to have someone special to share it with here are a few ways to end the holiday still in a relationship!

-Do get flowers ! They are the iconic typical thing to give on Valentines Day .
-Do overwhelm your significant other with love, they are supposed to know how much you care about them on this day.
– Do celebrate even if you don’t have someone to share it with . Remember this day is about love even if it’s just with your family, friends, or anyone you care about.
-Do make sure you give whoever whatever they want . It is the day that everyone should be as happy as can be .
-Do tell them how much you love them to the point where they’re tired of hearing it until next year.
– Do buy discount candy the next day . Save it for next year !

-Don’t forget that it’s Valentines Day !
-Don’t buy both of your girlfriends the same gifts .
-Don’t get dead flowers or nasty tasting chocolates .
-Don’t be rude or mean . No matter what is said or done, you must be nice!Keep in mind this day is about being as sweet as possible.
-Don’t be frugal . Try to spend all the money you have , the goal is to be bankrupt by the end of the night !
-Don’t buy gifts that could ultimately send the wrong message. :0
-Don’t dress up in a diaper and go around shooting people , like Cupid. That could land you in some trouble.

Hope we helped you all learn some new Do’s and Don’ts for this Valentines Day.Also, be sure to remember that you do not need a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day, love can be shared with anyone. Comments below and share what your own Do’s and Don’ts are !


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