Top 3 School Apps

Many students and teachers struggle with finding apps that will help them with school. I found three apps that should be cheap and effective for multiple purposes. Since my school and many other schools are using iPads, this article should help. All of these apps should be found in the Apple App Store.

1. “myHomework Student Planner”
Developer: Rodrigo Neri
Price: Free

This is a great app for people who want to be organized an reminded about their homework due dates. This app is loaded with features like, notifications for a test, homework or school events. Your Apple device will notify you if you have a test the day before.  This app is loaded with feature and it is easy to use and download.

2. “Graphing Calculator”
There are many different apps in the App Store that are graphing calculators. You can pick which ever one looks best to you. Most of them are free and great to use. If you want to buy a physician graphing calculator you can spend up to $100 or more! This is a very affordable alternative that will save you money.

3. “Google Translate”
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

This is a great app for any language coarse you decide to take at your school, or anything else.  I find this to be the most useful language app out of all of them.  The Google version will allow pronounce words for you if you do not know how it sounds.

I hope you enjoyed this top 3 and will help you in the future.


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