Student Week of Prayer: Live Updates

This school week, January 27-31, is student week of prayer here at South Lancaster Academy. Student week of prayer is always a great week that helps the students to grow spiritually. The theme for this school year is passion, and the theme for this specific week of prayer is “Feeding your Passion.” Each day, a different student will be speaking.

On Tuesday, junior class pastor Kurtis Bakerlis spoke about the importance of forgiveness. He mentioned that becoming too burdened with guilt and not accepting God’s forgiveness makes it much more difficult to have passion for Jesus. Kurtis shared that in his personal experience, feelings of guilt and being overwhelmed caused him to struggle with having passion for his faith. He talked about the fact that it’s very common for people to continually make themselves feel guilty even after God has already forgiven them.

Kurtis brought up some important points about accepting God’s forgiveness and not allowing those types of things to get in the way of having passion for God in our lives. He also stated that God is forgiving so it is unnecessary to make ourselves feel bad about our mistakes after we have already repented. It was an inspiring sermon that included many positive things that can be applied to a personal relationship with Jesus.

On Thursday, January 30, sophomore associate pastor Ellen DeOliveira spoke for chapel. She talked about God’s passion for forgiveness. She shared a story about a person that joined a gang and was involved in a lot of violence, but then converted to Jesus on their deathbed. It was a very inspiring story. Ellen mentioned that to God, there is no such thing as being too far gone. There is nothing we could do to go beyond God’s forgiveness.

Ellen reminded us that God has a passion for forgiving us because he wants us to be saved. It’s important to for us to know that we can always go to God and repent, no matter what we have done. God has a passion for us and as a result, is always willing to forgive us. Ellen also quoted the Bible verse 1 John 1:9 that states, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


Friday during chapel, freshman class pastor Zach Mularczyk spoke. He reminded us of the fact that we should be passionate for God all of the time, not just when we feel like we have time. He shared his personal story about how he recently decided to devote more of his time to God and how that has made a big impact on his life.

The phrase “If you’re too busy for God, then you’re too busy,” came to mind. Zach shared with us the importance of feeding your passion for God by giving him the praise that he deserves.

Week of prayer ended Friday night, at a special FNL. SLA’s choice and Voce performed beautiful songs to praise the Lord. Praise team also sang songs such as ‘Revelation Song’ and ‘Hosanna.’ SA Pastor Amber Sanchez preached a sermon and spoke about God’s timing and trusting in his plans. She also summarized what went on throughout week of prayer, and spoke about passion. FNL ended with everyone singing the theme song for the week, “Let the Waters Rise” by Mikeschair.

The week was very inspirational. Many people learned more about Jesus and recognized the significance of having passion for Jesus. God truly blessed SLA’s student week of prayer and made it possible for the students grow spiritually through the music, sermons, scripture readings, and prayer that took place throughout the week.


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