Pacific Union College Coming Out of The Closet?

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

GASP (Gay and Straight People) is an unofficial gay-straight alliance group on Pacific Union’s campus. The purpose is to bridge the judgmental gap between Christianity and homosexuality. Every Wednesday night people openly discuss the controversial issue with any questions or comments they have related to the topic. It was originally created as a “safe-place” for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) students.

In the meetings they discuss any and all LGBTQ-related topics without any tension but freedom of speech. Many straight people attend and state their view points, sometimes against, but non-the-less to show their non-judgmental support. As a result many students have been “outing” themselves openly to the school. The leader’s of GASP’s goal is to come to a place where the Adventist community will not judge people for who they are.

Professor’s and GASP leaders decided to take the issue to the next level. They created a bill stating a new policy on how the school treats homosexual students to prevent bullying, hazing, and any forms of prejudice. PUC’s President, unsure of their stand point, agreed to allow the policy to be brought before the board.

Rumors around the school about the bill and it’s intentions have been spreading not only to the students and faculty, but to all around the country and Adventist communities. Leader’s are being accused of disagreeing with the Adventist’s churches policies, and supporting such “abominations” is a sin. Some of the faculty feel passing the bill would be a threat to student turnouts and donations that fund the school. The issue has lead to threats of professor terminations, and students feeling it violates their academic freedom.

The disagreement has caused a division of opinion and misunderstandings amongst the school. Leave a comment below and tell the Pioneer where you stand. Should the bill be passed? Or is it going against what the church stands for?


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