iWitness: Bringing Worship Back to the Pioneer

thumbnailThis semester, readers of the Pioneer will be seeing a new addition to weekly news posts. The multimedia staff will be collaborating with South Lancaster Academy’s class pastors and their associates to create new videos twice every month.

These videos will go under the title “iWitness” and will be short, five minute devotions, vignettes, and blessings pouring out to you, our viewers as something to think about and carry with you for the rest of your life. The first video is expected to come out in early February and videos are expected to continue as far as May.

“The main goal of this is to encourage the students of SLA to share the word of God in a different and unique way,” says Jonathan Nino,  the school chaplain and bible teacher at SLA. “We were thinking about doing it for a while, but once we decided to act on it, it only took a couple hours to develop the whole thing.”

Jeffrey Lambert, the Journalism teacher, who came up with the idea, says he’s excited about the new venture. “Video Journalism has always done funny videos for school morale, but when I was thinking about the future of the class, I kept asking myself: How could I give this class a chance to work for Christ?”

“I think it will be a great way to bring in different kinds of people to the Pioneer,” says Amber Sanchez, Junior and SA pastor. “It will allow access for people to receive a verbal blessing.”

In this semester of changes, what new things do you want to see on the Pioneer?


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