A Letter to Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber Courtesy of Google Images

Justin Bieber Courtesy of Google Images

Dear Justin,

As a loyal fan I have always supported you despite what others think, but lately your actions have been hard to stand by. It is understandable that growing up in the spotlight has an effect on young celebrities. We see this example through other stars who have gone off track but it doesn’t have to be the standard. You could be the star to change the stereotype of teen stars gone wild.

Recently you were the subject in a series of police involved cases. You were the prime suspect in the vandalism of a neighbor’s house. Come On. I don’t know if its true or not but egging someone’s house is just pathetic, not only for a teenager but a superstar like you. You should not even be suspected for something as low as that. Another charge you had been with assaulting a limousine driver. You plead not guilty to this and we understand that sometimes in the media you are accused of things that you were not involved with. However, when you build a reputation for causing trouble it’s hard for people to differ from whats true or not.

Most recently you were arrested for drag racing. Not only that but you were under the influence of alcohol. This is not only illegal but you are a minor as well-meaning a worse punishment. Celebrities shouldn’t have a privilege to get off the hook with laws just because they’re rich and famous. Because of the huge influence you have today, irresponsible actions like this send a message to your fans that breaking the laws and partying non-stop are okay things to do.

While the rest of the world may see you as a delinquent, your fans want to support you through thick and thin. Give your fans something noble to stand by. Prove the people wrong and be the role model you started out as. Make your fans proud.


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