SLA goes iPad!

Many schools throughout the world have switched to this new method of learning.  It may seem expensive to some, but you will actually save money in the long run. Some ask, “why do you need iPad to replace textbooks?”  The answer is simple: students will be more organized, textbooks are expensive, and textbooks can be very heavy!

The Pioneer sat down with academy vice principle Jeffery Lambert for his thoughts and opinions.  “The cost of buying physcial textbooks, especially when there updated every 3-5 years can be a huge cost for parents.  Buying books electronically through the iPad allows parents to save a significant amount of money over the coarse of their trials coarse at SLA.  In addition the iPad gives every student the ability to research complete assignments and stay up to date with their classes on their own personal device.” ~V.P. Jeffery Lambert


SLA will require all students to have iPads for next year, although we are beta testing this summer with the eBooks.  This program will be very secure and a lot of thought had been out into this plan.  People can start to afford iPad more and more, the iPad mini starts at $325.  Some of my text books cost $100 dollars each!  If we buy the books on the iPads, we will play less than half that price for the books!  With a 4-Year student program, it will cost you $1,730.00 for new text books, $875.00 for used textbooks, and $379.00 for digital textbooks.  So you will be saving $496.00 – $1351.00 over 4 years in high school.

List of benefits:

1. Lighter (light backpacks)
2. Cheaper
3: Many new learning features
4: Pays off in the long run
5: Easier to turn homework in

Personally I am very excited for this to fully come into effect next school year.  If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and like down below.


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