Polar Vortex threatens the Midwest With Unseen Cold Temps

Courtesy of NBC News

Courtesy of NBC News

The temperatures have dropped significantly this winter, especially in the Midwest states such as Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. Chicago even reached a dangerously low temperature of 16 degrees below zero and wind chill coming to 13 degrees below zero. Schools even canceled classes due to the air outside being dangerously frigid. Some might argue that the freezing weather passing through is proof against global warming. In reality the cold weather down here is actually a result of a the warming arctic temperatures. This intense cold is caused by something called a Polar Vortex.

The Polar Vortex is caused by a slowing jet stream that zigzags and causes warmer temperatures to be carried farther north than usual and thus bringing the arctic temperatures further south.

This has been the reason for the unusually cold temperatures being experienced in America. As a result 3,300 flights were canceled nationwide and 2,000 flights were delayed. People in the city of St. Louis and Indianapolis have been making an effort to make sure that homeless people are taken care of in shelters during this freezing weather.  However despite the efforts to stay warm, there are many cases of the cold being too much to handle.  Many death cases in Indiana and Illinois are related to the cold. It was reported that some deaths occurred to people shoveling snow, to some homeless who didn’t make it to a shelter in time, and car crashes related to snow and ice. Other States with new record low temps include Charlotte, North Carolina reaching a low of 6 degrees and Birmingham, Alabama reaching 7 degrees.  The Northeastern states also felt the chill of the Vortex with New York City dropping from 55 degrees to a record low of 5.

The Polar Vortex has taken a devastating effect on the U.S. however, meteorologists can assume that the temperatures will definitely be warming up soon. Comment on how you have been affected by the Polar Vortex.


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