A New Year Can Create A New You

With a New Year , now could be the perfect time for a new you ! It’s time to start making some great healthy changes and begin on a new path to feeling the best you that you can be!

Here are a few minor changes you can make to your everyday diet . You can start swapping some not so good foods for a better alternative :

1. Instead of eating an unhealthy cupcake , trade it for some sweet strawberries . You will be getting the same effect of sweetness , but it will be a healthier alternative .

2. Another alternative can be replacing cheese with avocado slices . On a sandwich instead of putting slices of cheese try avocado slices instead . It is a great substitute and can add freshness to any sandwich or anything you can think of.

3. We all love rice . Next time you go to make a nice pot of rice , try switching out your white rice for some healthy brown rice . Not only is it also delicious , it all provides your body with the necessary minerals

4. Another thing you can start to do is when baking and something calls for oil , you can replace the oil with apple sauce . It makes whatever your baking healthier and so much more moist !

5. When making breakfast you can use egg whites instead of the whole egg. It’s supposed to be a much healthier with only using the egg whites.

Good luck as you being the journey of creating a new you for the New Year ! Comment below with what you think of these awesome substitutions .


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