My Superhero

Spirit week is coming up and there’s one day where South Lancaster Academy students get to dress up as their superhero. I got to ask the students who their superhero, inspiration or someone they look up and admire.  They could be anyone, a family member, close friend, or even a fictional character.


Amanda Bakerlis: Senior

“I would have to say my grandma, because of her relationship with God.”


Josue Feliciano: Sophomore

“I look up to Oliver Twist, because tons of bad things happened to him, he still was optimistic, and that’s not like me. So I wish I wish I was more like him.”


Alyssa Christoph: Freshman

“Tess, because she is amazing and just awesome. Since she is older, she has more experience than me, so I look up to her her. She’s a smart person, and helps me with guidance. She is also my best friend.”


Davis Parsons: Sophomore

“Karl Hernandez. Karl has always been that person who knows what to say when a person needs advice. He is a great person to hang out with and he is a hard worker.”


Todd LeShane:

“I look up to my dad, he’s had a very rough year last year and despite all that he’s still leading the family well, spiritually and just overall.”


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