A Sneak Peak to the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Many people are greatly awaiting the 2014 World Cup which will be hosted in Brazil and will bring millions of soccer fanatics together to watch the great sport be played and shared through soccer fan’s hearts all around the world.

FIFA World Cup Phot Courtesy of FIFA.com

Many people have recently seen the World Cup Drawing which took place on December 6th, 2013, and were quite shocked at the results as the groups were put together and were randomly selected. Most of the teams are very eager to play and the groups are fairly even. One of the Countries that got the shortest end of the stick was the USMNT. (U.S. Men’s National Team) Reason being they have been grouped with 2 European superstars, Germany and Portugal. Also they are facing African stars, Ghana which will not be in any way, shape, or form, and easy win for the team.

One of the teams that got it pretty easily was South American favorites, Argentina, which is the team that has some of the most skilled players besides pretty amazing teams like Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Italy, France, England, and well, you get the point. All the teams that qualified for the World Cup each gave their all to be able to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup draw results. Photo Courtesy of foxsports.com

Soccer fanatics world wide are greatly awaiting the first whistle to commence the World Cup and to get us closer and closer to finding out which Country’s National Soccer Team will bring home the trophy and bring their country great pride and satisfaction.


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