Series Review: the Tales of Goldstone Wood

the tales of goldstone woodThese days, it’s becoming harder and harder to find good books with a classic Christian allegory, however, Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s “Tales of Goldstone Wood,” are a worthy comparison even to C.S. Lewis’ classics, “The Chronicles of Narnia.” This week, the spiritual life staff here at the Pioneer are going to tell you a little bit about it.

The series takes place in an imaginary world that has fairy-tale like qualities. There are several countries, all with different cultures, governments, and religions. Stretching across these worlds is a mysterious forest, referred to in some countries as the Wilderlands, and in others as Goldstone Wood (hence the title) where time, space, and language don’t exist. Where rivers have a mind of their own, and animals can simultaneously be human. A place where the greatest fairy tales come from.

This series is mainly about a constant war of power between a mysteriously gentle, yet firm, self-sacrificing Prince who is also a wood-thrush and sometimes a golden hound. A dragon as old as hate itself, who wanders the earth and wood, deceiving the broken-hearted and replacing their hearts with his own, selfish fire. And the Dragon’s sister and rival, Lady Life-in-Death, who haunts the dreams of her victims, making them believe that their own desires are what is good for them.

Besides that, the readers will meet a gaggle of easy-to-love, yet wonderfully imperfect and broken characters who are swept into the cross fire that will determine the rest of their lives. A blind, scarlet-clad poet who also happens to be a cat, an ugly princess, a kind-hearted maiden whose name is older than herself, a horn-headed (literally), talking goat, a jester prince with a distinct dislike for a certain cat’s poetry, and many, many others.

In the series, the readers will see their own earthly struggles reflected in the constant haunting of these characters and will not be able to resist being drawn into these refreshingly written and colorfully narrated stories about people searching to find a place in their world.


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