Red Sox say “Good Bye Jacoby Ellsbury”

Jacoby Ellsbury now former Red Sox player, signed a seven year $142 million dollars with the New York Yankees.  Jacoby has been with the Red Sox from 2007-2013.  Jacoby decided to leave the Red Sox for the money, which isn’t a bad move on his part at all.  He is a great player and deserves a lot of respect.


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“The Jacoby Ellsbury era in Boston has officially come to an end, as the homegrown center fielder and free agent has signed a seven-year, $153 million deal with the Red Sox rival, the New York Yankees. CBS Sports reported that a deal was close.” 

One of the best base runners of all times with 241 stoles bases which is incredible.  Still is a good hitter, but he is a better runner.  Jacoby is personally one of my favorite players who have played for the Red Sox.

Nobody can blame him for taking the Yankees offer, the Red Sox weren’t offering him enough for what he wanted.  Before Jocoby got traded he didn’t really have a good ending on the Red Sox team, in the World Series of 2013 Jacoby didn’t play too well, which left a bad impression on the Red Sox staff.


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