Aeropostle Takes a Hit

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

This week the Pioneer decided to ask some students their thoughts on Apostleship , especially because their sales have recently been decreasing. Aeropostale has three main competitors Hollister , American Eagle, and Abercombie & Fitch.

Aeropostale is a trendy store geared towards teenagers ages 13 to 17. Although it also attracts younger kids too it is not very trendy with the age group its aiming for. The majority of the people they are wanting to attract tend to shop at Hollister and Abercombie & Fitch.

Here are some quotes from some students on their opinion of Apostrophe:

” I don’t really like Aeropostale . It’s cheap clothing and for little kids and I do not appreciate that. I like American Eagle better because its clothes are very good quality and they’re cheap so its like you get the best of both worlds.” – Lothar Gloss , Junior

” I really like Aeropostale and their clothing fabric is nice and soft. They overall just have good clothes. I get a lot of my plaid shirt from their , but I do also really like Abercombie & Fitch though . They have some pretty nice clothes too.” Samuel Holguin , Senior

“I hate this store it is the worst . Their clothes run too small and make me feel fat. You have to go up a size if you want proper fitting clothes. I prefer all other stores compared to Aeropostale . I also feel like they do not have good customer services.” Jannice Grunder , Senior


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