Amazon’s Crazy New Delivery Method

Photo taken from: politico

Amazon recently has announced their new delivery service, Octocopter Drone’s. Their plan is to deliver the customers purchases within about 30 minutes, right to their doorstep.

Some people may wonder, how does it work? Well, testing showed that it can carry packages up to 5 pounds for about 1o miles, which is almost 90% of the items they deliver. Amazon has 96 fulfillment centers in the U.S that they will ship the drones from. Yet they are only delivered from a 10 mile radius, so the people who leave closer to Amazons distribution sites would be more eligible to have this delivery system rather than people in remote areas.  Not only that, but there battery lasts for about 30 minutes, and the weight of the cargo makes it even shorter. They are called octocopters because it has eight tiny rotors.

Another question that’s going around is, what about in bad weather conditions?  Will the drones work then? Amazon said they made the drones reliable for most weather conditions, but in snow or sleet, they would need to make more improvements.

When will they be deployed? Jeff  Bezos’, Amazons CEO said at an interview on 60 minutes that the drones will be ready take flight in  four to five years. The Federal Aviation Administration said it can come as soon as 2015, since they are not allowed now.

Although this may seem like a great idea, many questions remain still unanswered. What about people who live in apartments? Will the drones tap on the window? What of the drones run into obstacles? Like birds, telephone wires, and more. What if one of the rotors fails during the delivery? Will it continue to fly? Comment on your opinion on Amazons new delivery system?


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