Portugal Vs Sweden World Cup Qualifier

Everyone was waiting to watch the much-anticipated qualifying match between to countries that are home to two of the best players in the world, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It’s sad when two players that are no doubt in the top 10 have to fight to try to earn a spot in the World Cup.

The match that decided their fate was held on Tuesday November 19th. Everyone watching knew that one of their idols would not be playing in the next World Cup as the last whistle blew. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo ended up earning a spot in the World Cup.

The first half of the second leg was scoreless as both teams gave it their all as the half came to an end.

Then, all of a sudden 5 minutes into the first half, Ronaldo with his explosive speed, received a pass and bolted his way down the field to meet with Sweden’s goalie, and was deceived into diving the other way. Cristiano rocketed the ball into the right side with his powerful left leg.


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At the 69th minute Sweden earned themselves a corner kick. The ball was crossed, and 6’5″ Zlatan soared over everyone and got a head on the ball and put the ball right into the left side and the score was tied 1-1.


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Sweden came and earned a free kick from Portugal as Ibra was fouled. Ibra was joined by another teammate and he was ready to strike the ball. They fooled the goal keeper as the second teammate ran across stepping over the ball. Zlatan rocketed the ball right into the left side and the goalie was dumbfounded.


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Ronaldo of course would not permit that to happen. He came with his crazy ability to chase the ball and got to the pass. He proceeded to run the ball into the opponent’s 18 yard line and scored a goal very similar to the first one as he swung the ball across the box and ripped it into the goalies net as the score came to 2-2.


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Ronaldo probably has been one of the most reliable players under pressure. He received a pass in the 79th minute, just one minute after he tied up the game, came full-speed, meeting the goal keeper who came out and challenged him. Ronaldo kicked the ball right over the goalie and the defenders as he earned his hat trick and clinched his country’s qualification into the World Cup.


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The final whistle blew as Portugal had earned their spot in the 2014 World Cup. Not just Sweden, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic were distraught as their dreams for the World Cup came to an end. Ibrahimovic later on said that the World Cup needed Ibra and not Ronaldo. He believed that he deserved a spot and was just unlucky.

The final score for both matches was 4-2 on aggregate.

The two goal scorers from both teams are some of the best players in the world, both having their fair share of fantastic goals, automatically soaring through the air and scoring off set pieces. They will be remembered in the history of Futbol as legends of soccer. These guys are game changers and literally revolutionized the way that people see the game. Watching them play would even be considered to be majestic.


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