Is There Even a God When We Suffer?

“…Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity…” Job 2: 10

There was once a man who lived in the far away land of Uz. He was blameless, rejected evil, and feared the Lord with  all of his heart. This man was a billionaire, a wealthy family man with ten children. He owned an abundance of land, cattle, livestock, and much mote. His life gave the impression of the ultimate heaven on earth, He was the greatest, most powerful man in all of Uz, but. that was all about to change.

In heaven a group of the children of God came to present themselves before the King and the Devil went with them. Looking upon his people the Lord God questioned the Devil, “Where do you come from?”

He replied, “The earth, in which I have dominion.”

The Lord then said, “You must have seen my servant in Uz for there is no one else like him; he is blameless, rejects evil, and fears me with all of his heart.”

“Of course he fears you…you have given him everything. He’s surrounded by a bubble of comfort, take him out of that bubble and you will see, he’ll curse you first.” The Devil snarled.

The Lord looked upon him and  said, “I give to you all he has, and to all his wealth I give you control, do what you wish but do not touch  his health.”

Satan departed to the earth as fast as he could to tempt and hopefully destroy the servant of the Lord.

Now in the land of Uz, while the wealthy man was sitting in his home four servants came rushing in one after another.

“Sir! The Sabeans have attacked and killed all of your donkeys–”

“Master! the Chaldeans have formed bands and killed all of your camels and servants and I was the only who survived to tell–”

“Fire has come down from heaven and burned downed all of your sheep and servant–”

“Sire! the house where your children were dining has collapsed on them from a terrifying wind.”

Speechless their master fell to the ground, tore his robe and cried out, ” The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord”

Satan infuriated didn’t understand what was going on this man should’ve been cursing the Lord, he had lost everything, but then it all came back there was still on thing he hadn’t touched. The Devil returned to heaven once more and requested permission to touch his health. Surely the man will curse his God if his own life is effected. The Lord put him in the Devil’s hand but said, “Do not kill him.” So once more Satan departed ready to strike God’s servant with a disease in which he wanted to be dead.

Pestering boils enthralled his entire body from head to toe; he was in so much agony he used rocks to consul his pain by scraping his arms. He would sit in the middle of ashes mourning over the miserable life in front of him. His wife walked towards the scene in utter humiliation, they had lost everything, how was he still okay with God. Looking at him she said, “Do you still attempt to keep your peace? Curse God and die!”

Looking back at her he responded, “How can you speak such a way? Will we only accept good from God, and not adversity?”

Satan used everything he could to get the Lord’s servant to curse God, but nothing he could do would every cause the man to curse the Lord with his lips. After everything the Lord restored back to his humble servant, Job, double of what he had before.

The story of Job is a true one. He literally lost everything he had. Job went from the wealthiest man in Uz to the lowest in poverty, practically in a matter of days. Where is God when we suffer? Right there with you. Jesus does not leave you helpless but sends angels to your rescue. God records your tears and knows every time you’re hurting. Trust in the Lord for God knows more than we do and sees the greater picture. Job didn’t know what was going on in heaven or the purpose for his suffering but there was one. We must stay encouraged, even the darkest hour has only sixty minutes.

“…I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 

If you have any questions on the story of Job or any other bible story, ask away and the Pioneer will do their best to answer.


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