The Fall of Miley Cyrus

We have all seen Miley Cyrus in the spotlight a lot quite recently. The things she has been doing to get in that spotlight is very out there and outlandish , but it seems to be working for her.

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

In 2001 Miley Cyrus, at the age of nine, first became interested in being an actress. She began taking private acting lessons in Toronto, Canada , where she and her family had been living for four years. After getting some experience and working with her dad she made her first appearance on her fathers television show , Doc.

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

In 2004 Miley Cyrus’ career took off and this is when she audition for the lead role in the hit Disney show Hannah Montana. Not many people realized , but Miley was turned down at the first audition because the producer thought she seemed too young for the role. Miley’s dad audition alongside his daughter and landed the role of “Miley Stewart’s” father. She returned a few months later and re-auditioned for the same role. The producer thought she had grown a lot in between auditions .This time she got the part. The Disney show Hannah Montana made it big,  and it was the new obsession.

miley cyrus 2

Courtesy of Google

2006 – 2011
Hannah Montana was on the air successful for five years . It aired for four seasons and produced a total of 98 episodes. Hannah Montana was about a normal teenage girl who wanted the”Best of Both Worlds” and lived the average teenage girl life by day and pop star Hannah Montana by night. Miley Stewart, lived with her father ( played by Billy Ray Cyrus) in their house in Malibu California . Her mother had died when she was younger and always had her two best friends by her side, Lilly and Oliver.
Miley Cyrus was at her peak in her career during her Hannah Montana Years . She has a large variety of fans and had many hit albums . She was loved by parents because she was appropriate for their children and the show taught children good morals.

Courtesy of Miley

Courtesy of Miley

Miley has had many scandalous stories . Such as the “pole dancing” performance at the Kids Choice Awards ( KCA). This was one of Miley’s first debatable performance. She was singing her hit song Party In The USA , and was dancing on a ice cream cart and the only thing their to keep her from falling off was a pole. During the performance she was holding onto the pole and dancing. This was very controversial amongst parents. Some understood that it was to help her from falling off , but others saw it as the new beginning for the crazy Miley that was to come. Lately Miley has been making her way back into the spotlight and has been having many more of these outlandish performances. She performed at the VMA’s and came out with her new song We Can’t Stop and had some inappropriate parts to it. Then she came out with her song Wrecking Ball , and in the video she is swinging around on a wrecking ball …. NAKED!!

Miley Cyrus used to be a young girl we could all look up to , but lately she hasn’t been a very good role model for anyone.


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