SLA Prepares for Upcoming Silly Supper


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Dating as far back as remembered, South Lancaster Academy has held formal banquets, where the students dress up, ask a date, and prepare for a fun night of socialization and great food. Due to religious conflict, SLA refrains from Prom’s, dances, etc., due to the dancing. As a nice substitution, banquets have been very effective.

In past years there has usually been two banquets, one in the fall, and the other either in spring, or around Valentine’s Day. Last year, to change-up the routine, Student Association President, Lydia Felt, made the decision to have only one big banquet. Since last years’ banquet was such a huge success, the current Student Association President, Isaac Valera, decided to take the same approach.

With the big banquet not until early April, Isaac made a way for the student body to be able to dress up, eat, and socialize, at a completely informal banquet/supper function, Silly Supper.

Silly Supper will be held Wednesday, November 20, from 5:00-8:00 p.m., in the multi-purpose room at SLA. The only requirements to attend is to bring three dollars for admission on the night of, to pay at the door, and to dress wacky tacky. Bringing a date is optional, but come dressed as crazy (and appropriate) as you can, for a fun night of food and games.

The official details of the supper will not be released until the actual supper, but the Pioneer, has talked to an inside source, who has leaked information regarding Silly Supper. Since it will be a silly night, the food should follow those guidelines as well. For appetizers there will be a vegetable platter, cheese bagel bites, and mozzarella bites. The main course, will be silly shaped macaroni and cheese, string beans, bread, applesauce, and juice boxes. Desert will follow, with ice cream sundaes, with silly toppings such as; gummy worms, syrups, and sprinkles.

Silly Supper will start out with the food served first, followed by the activities. Board games, possible trivia, Wii jeopardy, Twister, group games, a pinata, and a spin-off of Mafia, Revolution. Isaac, along with the rest of the Student Association have put a lot of work into planning Silly Supper, and hope that it is a fun night for everyone who attends.

For more information regarding Silly Supper, talk to Mrs. Vandenbroek of any members of S.A. If you attend Silly Supper, come back and comment whether or not you enjoyed it!


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