“iTunes Radio vs Pandora”

Today’s online radio music services like iTunes Radio and Pandora are great for everyone who enjoys music.  These services are great, but many people do not know which service can preform better and be friendly to your wallet.


iTunes radio is in every apple device, other than the iPod nano and shuffle.  Comes pre installed, looks and sounds great.  Apple has recently entered the ball game with an all-star team. iTunes radio seems to be better than most services that provide the same service.  iTunes radio is very simple beautiful, and very easy to navigate through.

Pandora is a great app, that offers pretty much the same service as iTunes radio.  Pandora doesn’t look as nice as iTunes radio, and is an app that you must download from the app store, unlike iTunes radio that is pre installed in all Apple devices that have the latest software.


The advantage that I saw when using Pandora, you can keep listening to a station and skipping song, but you would get an advertisement after a couple skips of a song.  iTunes radio is a little different, if you skip a certain amount of songs you will not be able to skip anymore songs on that station for a couple of hours.  I would rather listen to an ad and be able to skip a song every one and a while, rather that not being able to skip a song at all.

Money always concerns people who buy a subscription, but iTunes radio has a great deal that you might want to consider.  iTunes radio is $24.99 a year and Pandora is $36 a year.  You basically get the same service, iTunes radio is on most Apple devices, easy to use, looks great, and is $11 cheaper.

If hope you enjoyed this article. If you have a comment or question, please leave one down below.


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