The History Behind ‘No-Shave November’

Many people have heard of the term ‘No-Shave November’, but nobody really knows where the term or the whole idea evolved from. About 80% of the people I know are participating and it is still a relatively new topic. Its been spreading like wild fire and even teachers have been participating.

‘No-Shave November’ is something that was created to help influence the spread of knowledge of the terrible and deadly disease known as cancer. The American Cancer Society started this movement and started in November of 2009 and started with 50 Facebook participants. Today thousands of people are participating and is helping spread knowledge about it.

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide. In total cancer has claimed an estimated of more than 1,000,000 lives. Not claimed as in regards to death but claimed as in completely taken control of their life and just completely overwhelming the victim. It is something that in reality, is very painful and  it is also emotionally painful to the loved one of the affected.

The entire purpose is to basically embrace our natural hair and really just let it get wild and free. As many of you know, one very effective treatment for Cancer is Chemotherapy, but Chemotherapy is so strong and potent that it affects all of your hair follicles and it prevents them from growing and it makes your body weak and it really just deteriorates your entire system. Many Cancer patients really don’t go out because they are ashamed of their hair falling out and really just not being “normal” as they like to look at it. ‘No-Shave November’ is a way for Cancer patients and really humanity to see that no matter if you have no hair, or short hair, or long hair, you are still accepted in society.

The way that it helps spread knowledge is all those men that have their clean shave every morning, all of a sudden start to look more and more unprofessional, But it’s all for a good cause and it helps spread knowledge.

Donations are also involved, the price that someone pays to get a shave or spends on supplies is not needed so the purpose of it is to use that money to help towards cancer research. If you decide to participate or are currently participating, you are able to donate money at the following web address:!donate/clse

So join the movement and help spread the word!


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