Hurricane Sandy Victims: A One Year Update

Hurricane Sandy Before and After

Courtesy of Bing Images

Last year on October 29, Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast hard and devastated the lives of many people. One year later the effects of the disastrous hurricane can still be felt in the hearts of the victims who were affected. Many still struggle in getting their lives back together.

In New York and New Jersey, where the hurricane hit pretty hard, the initial sight of recovery may seem positive. One might not even be able to see that a year ago that place looked like a warzone. The cities have done a good job and rebuilding the aesthetic aspect of their towns. It’s assumed that much was done to help the people who were traumatized by the event as well. Of course the government helped them out and people across the country gathered to offer their support and help however, a lot of these victims are still hanging on to hope.

Store fronts, restaurants, and small businesses were also wrecked from the storm and the owners struggle to rebuild and bring back their businesses.The homes of many were destroyed in the hurricane and those that weren’t were severely damaged. Insurance companies haven’t been so merciful in helping to rebuild the damaged houses. They aren’t paying the amount they should and many homeowners have given up and had their homes torn down. Government aid has been a slow process and the money needed to rebuild the lives of these people would take a long time to raise on their own. Some who still own their houses are forced to pay taxes and insurance on a house they cannot live in or afford to fix. They say things are moving slowly and that they are no closer to fixing their home than they were a year ago. These people just want to go home.

Despite the loss of homes a greater loss was felt when loved ones were lost. No amount of government money can fix that pain. Even if their homes were restored, the victims would still lament the lives of their friends and family who were taken by Sandy.

In New England storms like Hurricane Sandy are scarce so the New York/New Jersey area wasn’t exaclty prepared for this kind of devastation. Now that this tragic experience has taken place, more can be done to make sure that there are better preparations for a storm in the future.

Obviously the damage that was done by Hurricane Sandy is something that a years time could not heal. Maybe next year these struggling victims will be one step closer to getting their lives back from the hurricane. Comment on what you think can be done to prepare for a storm in the future.


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