SLA Shares Embarrassing Moments


Sophia Bruso: Sophomore

“My most embarrassing moment was the time I ran out onto the soccer field, when I wasn’t suppose to. I was looking around like a lost puppy, trying to find my position. It took me a good two minutes to realize that I wasn’t supposed to be playing.”


Kleyton Rossi: Junior

“During the Arizona Mission Trip I had to go to the bathroom, and I accidentally went into the girls restroom in front of everyone. I couldn’t seen the sign anywhere, so when I went inside I saw Junior Lisa Gifford’s mother washing her hands. So I quickly ran out!


Stephen LaFrankie: Sophomore

” A close family friend had a funeral, so I got up to say a few words. I started by saying, ‘ Hi, I’m Clara’s daughter…’ “


Tristan Johnson: Sophomore

“When I was in 8th grade there was a spider near me, when I was eating lunch, and I am absolutely terrified of spiders, big or small. So when I saw the spider I screamed really loud and freaked out. I jumped on the desk, but in a very manly way. Then Malik ( a former SLA student ) had to kill it.”


Cyan Picard: Sophomore

“When I was younger I used to take ballet and I remember we had this one performance, the first one we ever had, if I remember correctly. There were like ten of us all dressed up in our little tutu’s and we were all excited and our parents were taking pictures, videos, etc. Everyone else had managed to remember their routine except for me. So when the music started I was the one child up there off in her own little world, dancing to the beat of her own drum.”


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