Atlantic Union Compassion Leadership Misson Trip

Courtesy of Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Ministries

Courtesy of Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Ministries

From Thursday, October 17, 2013 until Sunday, October 20 South Lancaster Academy (MA), Greater Boston Academy (MA), Bermuda Institute, Union Springs Academy (NY), Pine Tree Academy (ME), Greater New York Academy, and Northeastern Academy headed out to Coney Island, New York. This year is  the annual disaster relief mission trip, and all of the Adventist academies in the Atlantic Union conference participated in the event.

Last year, in mid-November, the Atlantic Union academies went to Long Island, New York, to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Due to the success of last year’s trip, the Union planned a trip to Coney Island to help those still suffering from Sandy, and minister in a place where a God is needed.

All of the academies arrived at Northeastern Academy at about 6:00 Thursday evening; their lodgings for the duration of the weekend. Each night an academy was in charge of worship for all the students; one that showed a glimpse of what chapel is like at their own school. The same night we heard from a health specialist that taught the 8 Laws of Health that include; Nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God. The concepts that were learned, were used during the health clinic we hosted to inform the people of Coney Island of a better way to live.

On Friday the mission team ventured out into Coney Island. The first team of students arrived later than expected, only to find a group of locals who had been waiting for supplies since 9:00 AM that morning. The team quickly reacted, and began to distribute hats, water bottles, bags, apples, stress relievers, blankets, water, nutrition pamphlets, and the other supplies to those seeking assistance.

The other half of the group traveled to the health clinic nearby to educate and pass out supplies. In addition, students went door-to-door to distribute literature that talked about Adventist principles, ones which provided answers to commonly asked questions about God. This door-to-door evangelism drive was one of the greatest success, one that allowed the opportunity for academy students to pray with strangers who were in need of a loving God. Everyone that attended the trip received a blessing in some form from ministering to those in need

Northeastern Academy Sophomore Moses Nakenson, shared a testimony about his door-to-door experience. “There was a group of young adult guys who were just hanging around, so I decided to get over my fears and ask to pray with him. He agreed then started to walk away. At first I was sad because I thought he was leaving, until I realized he was gathering his friends so that he could pray with me too. It was such an eye-opening experience to see everyday teens who I had nothing in common with. I was able to pray to my God with them!”


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