Apple “Fall Event” Recap

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Apple was excited to announce their new lineup of iPads.  More news on the Mac Pro desktops, updates to the Macbook Pro, and the release of OS X Mavericks were the main showcases from the event.  Although some of us were disappointed that their wasn’t a new product category, like the iWatch, many fans were satisfied by the leap forward for the company.

Apple covered OSX Mavericks first, the new operating system which is supposed to make your computer faster and more power conservative.  The best park of Mavericks is that is absolutely free. Apple directly targeted Windows 8 with this one.

Next Apple Covered the Macbook Pros. It wasn’t a design change, but an internal upgrade.  Both the 13 and 15 inch Macbook Pros will receive the new 4th generation Intel Processors and Intel’s Iris graphics.  The battery life was upgraded and the 13 inch will get you around 9 hours of battery life, and the 15 inch will get you around 8 hours of battery life.

The Mac Pro was next on the list and Apple was really showing the price and what will be on the internals of this computer.  You will have many options to customize everything on this computer, but it comes with an expensive price, starting at $2,999.

Apple also discussed updates to iLife and iWork, which will be free with a purchase of any new Mac or iOS device.

Apple’s big announcement in this event was the iPad Air and the iPad mini with retina display.  The reason they’re calling the new iPad the iPad Air is that it weighs only 1 pound, and is 20% thinner than its predecessor (as this as a pencil).  Apple says it will feel a lot better in your hand, just like a lot of their products.  But on the inside, the iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display will be featuring the same A7 processor that is in the iPhone 5s.  The iPad Air will be starting at $499 for the wifi-only version, and $629 for wifi + cellular.

Which article are you most excited about from the Apple Fall Event? Please leave a comment down below and let us know.


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