Red Sox Repeat?

Many Red Sox fans would be very impressed with how their team performed in the last five games of the 2013 World Series. Many believe that the team has shown the can repeat their performance from back in ’04.

The first game of the series in the first inning, The Red Sox were already leading 3-0. That early lead sparked a great load of confidence on the team, and with the exception of a bad play and a questionable call, have played brilliantly. Above all, they never lost hope because in sports, literally anything can happen, as we have seen in this crazy series.

The Red Sox in ’04 completely wiped out the Cardinals, beating them 4 games in a row. The head coach for the Cardinals stated “It seemed as if we weren’t really prepared for the beginning of our game.” It seems the same can be said for this series.

The Red Sox are really destined to win the World Series because of the fact that most of their games have been either blow outs or very, very intense games. The blowouts have been stacked up usually in the first couple of innings. If the Sox get out to a big lead early, there is no stopping them.

Some of the main contributors for the Red Sox have been David Ortiz, John Lester, and Koji Uehara.

David Ortiz entered Monday night as a career .436/.540/.795 hitter across 12 World Series games. He’s had many hits that allow other players to score and win the game.

The Red Sox as of 10/28/13 have won 3 of 5 games and the series is 3-2 as the Red Sox bring it home to Boston. Odds are in the favor of Boston, and I believe because they will win this series thanks to the home field advantage.


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