Student Corner: Tori Stong

Sixteen year old, Tori Stong, is currently a junior at South Lancaster Academy. She is a normal teenage girl who likes to draw, paint, play music, and take pictures. Just as many of the talented students of SLA, Tori has a secret hidden specialty with clay.

How She Started.

” One Saturday after church, my father had extra clay and he made a big really cool elephant out of it. I wanted to critique it, so I made one of my own.”



Why She Continues.

” After the first big elephant I realized I enjoyed it a lot. A few months later I found clay with designs and I started making smaller elephants, which are quicker and easier to make.”


What Do You Plan to do With Them?

” When I am older I plan to go to school for something art related, but I am still unsure of what exactly. It is my dream to sell my little elephants, and take all of my proceeds and give the money to Africa to help out children and raise awareness against poaching. ”


Be sure to check back in often to see what other amazing talents, like Tori’s, SLA has to offer.


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