Odd News: 9 Year Old Goes to Las Vegas

courtesy of Google Images

courtesy of Google Images

A lot of kids attempt to run away from home, but not many make it all the way to Las Vegas. On Thursday, October 3, a nine-year old boy was able to sneak past three levels of Minneapolis airport security and on to a Delta flight to Las Vegas, Nevada. The flight crew were suspicious about him while the plane was in mid-air, but it wasn’t until the plane landed that the boy was stopped and questioned.

Security tapes show that the boy was without a boarding pass and he is seen taking a train to get to the airport. It is reported that the boy’s mother works at the airport and it is under investigation as to whether or not she helped him pull off his trip to Vegas.

The boy, who is believed to be from the Minneapolis area, and whose name has been withheld, had spent all day Wednesday at the airport too. He stole a suitcase off a luggage carousel and ate at a restaurant in the airport. He asked a server to watch his suitcase while he went to restroom but he never returned.

This boy doesn’t have a clean track record. He snuck into a water park near his home multiple times and stole a utility vehicle days before his trip to the airport. The boy’s father reached out to the press to share the family’s story. He said that the family asked for help with their troublesome son but were denied  because the boy is too young and has not done enough wrong. It is also reported that there were four child protection assessments done on the boy’s family and he has been labeled as a “challenging child.”

The boy should have never been able to get through airport security. Delta airlines is taking this incident very seriously and working to make sure something like this never happens again. The airline has a policy that children from ages 5 to 14 are allowed to fly alone however, the flight crew pays special attention to them and help them board the plane. They even introduce the children to the pilot. The fact that the boy was able to go unnoticed for so long is concerning. The boy was turned over to Las Vegas child protective services by Delta airlines and they are working with the boys parents to get him home.

The chances of a person sneaking on a plane are very rare, especially since airport security has gotten tighter after 9/11. It is very lucky that it was only a nine-year old boy with no harmful intention who snuck on the plane but if he could do it then so could someone who actually has a fatal agenda. This incident shows that there is still some work to be done to ensure total airport safety. Comment on how airport security can be improved.


courtesy of Google images


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