That Time I… Saw My Guardian Angel

This week, the Pioneer Staff decided to ask some of the SLA students about a very personal subject: “How have you seen your guardian angel working in your life?”

Josue Feliciano- Sophomore at SLA: The Mysterious Illness

On March 30, twenty-three days after he was born, Josue Feliciano could not stop crying.

“I wouldn’t eat, or drink, or anything,” Josue says, ” Which is really unusual for me.”

“When I was a baby, driving in cars would help me sleep. My mom drove around with me in the car, trying to get me to be quiet but nothing could console me. It got to the point that I sounded like an old man trying to breath because I cried so much.”

“So my mom brought me to the hospital. And they had no idea what was wrong with me. No where in their history of their medical logs had they ever seen anything like it.”

Hoping that another hospital might know what to do, they flew Josue and his mother to a military hospital.

“Right when I got to the hospital,” Josue says. “They put something in my hand to check for vital signs. I had no vital signs at all. So to the world, I was basically dead. They literally had five doctors around me with books everywhere trying to figure out what I had, but they had no idea what was happening.”

“It was weird because while they were doing all this testing and studying, they told my mom so many times, ‘kiss your son because this might be the last time you see him.'”

“So they decided to open me up because they thought that my intestines had twisted up and died, but that was just a guess about what the problem could be. Then they opened me up, and discovered that nothing was wrong.”

Josue is currently fifteen years old. Since his near death experience, there has been no sign of the mystery illness that almost took his life.

Sophia and Alena Bruso- Sophomore and Junior at SLA: Car Crash Survivors

On Wednesday September 17, sisters, Sophia and Alena Bruso, were heading home from a Lady Crusader’s soccer game at Trivium with Junior, Alena, at the wheel, and Sophomore, Sophia in the passenger seat.

“We were coming up on a corner and there was a car coming a little bit on our side,” says Sophia. “It was one of those narrow, winding back roads…[so] my sister turned to get out of the way, and her tires fell of the road.”

“When we were coming around a corner, I saw a car, so I slammed on my brakes and moved over. When I went to correct my turn I ended up overcorrecting,” recalls Alena.

“When she went to correct herself,” Sophia shares, “she overcorrected, and the car went into the banking on the other side of the road, and we actually hit a tree.”

“We hit a tree,” says Alena. “And then we flipped so our nose was in the road.”

“I don’t remember how it happened,” Sophia explains, “but I remember we ended up flipping. The amazing thing about it is when we were actually hitting the tree and flipping over, it didn’t feel like an impact at all, it honestly felt like there was something carrying us and placing us down.”

The Bruso sisters suffered minor injuries including whiplash and minor cuts and bruises, but were able to walk away from the scene without any major wounds or fatalities.

“It’s so unbelievable to think that it actually happened to us,” says Sophia. “It’s truly a miracle. He [God] was right there with us.”


(courtesy of E. Wayne Stevenson)

Scott Fellows- English teacher at SLA: The Silver Broach

Fellows shares an answer-to-prayer story.

“I was a student at AUC (Atlantic Union College) at the time,” Fellows starts. “It was during the leaf raking season and I was working on grounds where we would rake up the leaves and put them in the dump truck and take them over to the gully and dump them.”

“At the beginning of the season, we were raking down around Thayer (Thayer Performing Arts Conservatory). There was a couple who lived there because they were the deans for the boys who lived on the fourth floor. The lady of the house came out while we were raking and she asked, ‘Have you boys seen my silver broach?'”

“At that point, we had been out there raking for hours, so I assured her that I hadn’t seen anything, but that we would keep our eyes open.”

Fellows shares that the broach was a small silver one with a figure of a woman on it. It had been passed down to that woman by her mother, who had received it from her grandmother.

“I assured her that we would keep our eyes open, so she promptly went inside the house, and I decided to pray about it. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. So I prayed, and looked very carefully after that, and found nothing. I actually forgot about it after that. And we raked for three more months.”

“After three months of leaves, there was this humungous pile of leaves. We would take turns, one would drive the truck and the other would ride in the back with the leaves, and when they dumped the leaves, the one in the back would fall out the back and do a couple somersaults into the leaves.”

“It was the last day of raking leaves, in early December. Snow was already spitting. And our boss said ‘Finish up down around Thayer and we’ll call it quits for the season.'”

“So we got whatever we could find. Snow was coming down really hard by this time. It was my turn, to ride in the back. We got up to the gully, and the guy in the back lifted up the hydraulic lift, and down I went with the leaves. And I got out and I was brushing myself off, and in my belt buckle was this lady’s broach.

“And I looked up and I said, ‘Yes, there is a God!'” says Fellows with a smile. “Because He could have answered my prayer immediately, but it was like He wanted to test my faith and that made such a strong impression on me. I kinda look back to that and think, that was just a real signpost in my life.”

Silver Broach


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