SLA Crusaders Men’s Soccer Team tame NCC Tigers

Leo Passing the Ball

On Tuesday, October 1st, the men’s soccer team warmly welcomed the North Central Charter Tigers of Fitchburg, MA. The Crusaders got off to a great start with a goal scored by Junior, Kurtis Bakerlis,  in the first minutes of the game. Junior, Leo Zamo, assisted Kurtis with the goal.

The 1-0 lead was held all through the first half and then all of a sudden Kurtis Bakerlis and Junior, Jordan LePlatte,  developed a “give-and-go” system of passing to each other back and forth to get closer and closer to goal. Jordan LePlatte scores for a 2-0 lead and he was assisted by Kurtis Bakerlis.

It was about half way through the second half, as Kurtis once again with his insane skill and speed weaving in and out to try to reach the ball with the combined efforts to get the ball up field by Junior, Leo Zamo, and Kurtis, Sophomore, Tristan Johnson, kicked it, unluckily hit the crossbar and Kurtis ended up getting close enough he decided to take a shot and scored as it bounced down from the crossbar.

Kurtis Bakerlis, after the game quoted, ” It was a good game all the way through, but I feel like we  could have done better but I’m still glad we got the win.”

When asked to the Crusaders Coach how he believed the team performed, Henrique DeOliveira quoted, “It feels good to win, but there are a lot of things we need to work on as a Futbol team.”

Kurtis and Tristan awaiting the ball

It was the final moments of the game as the score was now 3-0 and the tigers did not give up hope, NCC Tigers had a corner kick due to a great save from the goal by Crusader Goalie, Sophomore, Isaias Santana, as he glided through the air and tipped the ball outside of the goal. The player from NCC crossed the ball as the players were weaving in and out of the defenses coverage to try to score the goal. One of them successfully got by as the ball was crossed and it ended up in side the Crusaders net.

The final score was 3-1 and the Crusaders with the victory.

What do you think the team could improve on? Leave a comment below.


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