What Does it Mean to be a Leader?

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

On Tuesday, October 1 South Lancaster Academy held a special chapel for just the juniors and seniors, led by SA Pastor Amber Sanchez and Elena Shand. This worship service was only for the juniors and seniors because the underclassmen had standardized testing. This specific chapel was all about how to become a spiritual leader in the school and be a positive influence on each other and the underclassmen. The purpose for this topic was to encourage the upperclassmen to step up and assume their role as leaders here at SLA.

The chapel started off with Amber asking for volunteers from the audience to try balance a broom on one finger. There were several volunteers, all juniors, and each of them found that when they looked at the top of the broom it was easier to balance than if they looked down. This demonstration represents how we can accomplish so much more when we look up at God instead of focusing on ourselves and what we think we can do on our own. Then a video was shown featuring a football player crawling across a field carrying another player on his back. Their coach was encouraging the football player to do his best and make it across the whole field so he could realize that he has the potential to do great things and be a leader. The principle of the video applies to everyday life because with God we can accomplish more than we can imagine and be a positive influence on others. The video brought up questions about what a leader actually is, and how to become a spiritual leader.

The Pioneer asked some students about how they define leadership:

“A leader is a selfless person who does what’s best for everyone not just themselves. A leader sets a good example and is willing to help other people. They make decisions based on what Jesus would do and what God’s will for them is.” – Azalea Warner Walton

“Leadership means taking on responsibilities and accomplishing tasks. A good spiritual leader would be someone who is willing to do great things for God and share their knowledge about Christ to others. They strive to reach their goals and help other people reach their goals, too.” – Cassie Fuller

Anyone can be a positive spiritual leader. Some ways to be a leader in your everyday life are to show kindness to everyone, set a good example, do what Jesus would do, be helpful, and give advice when needed.

What does being a leader mean to you? Voice your opinion in a comment below.


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