SLA to Take Part in NY Outreach Project

On Thursday October 17, SLA will take a bus-full of students to New York City to participate in the annual “Academy Compassion and Leadership Mission.”

The mission trip is going to be centered around Coney Island (not the theme park) in Southwestern Brooklyn, while the students will be based out of Northeastern Academy, and will cost about $100.

The list of other schools participating in the Mission include Pine Tree Academy, Bermuda Institute, Greater Boston Academy, and Union Springs Academy.

Junior, Samantha Crowley, who participated in the Compassion mission last year shares what she took from the experience.
“[I learned] that there are people who have a lot less than us. Even in America.”

“Just the fact of how much we impacted the lives of the people there,” says Junior Kurtis Bakerlis. “They were really grateful.”
“I would definitely recommend it,” Kurtis shares. “It was a great experience and it’s alot of fun. Not only do you get to hang out with your friends, but you really get to impact people.”

“I’m excited to go help people that are in need of assistance,” says sophomore, Renata Menezes, who is planning on joining this year’s group to New York. “I’m expecting to see a change in people’s hopes.”

“I’ve never been to New York before,” says sophomore, Julia Silva. “I expect to see probably some poverty…[but] I don’t know what to expect.”

Students will certainly come back with a new appreciation for their resources, as well as a new perspective on poverty right outside their doors.



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