Choices: A New Way to Worship

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Last week, the South Lancaster Academy Pioneer talked about how many of the Seniors were spiritually blessed from Senior Survival, and how ready they were to take their flame and try to start a spiritual fire at SLA. The Seniors have started out strong with little changes, like participating in chapel, singing ” Happy Birthday” to students, and giving out free hugs; but the first big challenge the Seniors set for themselves was completed just yesterday, with the introduction of the “Choices Worship”.

“Choices” will become a monthly program, put on by the Senior class, where the student body can pick from five different types of worship-based activities to participate in. This will occur on the last Thursday of every month. The options may change as time goes on, but for now the worship varieties will include:

Open Discussion – a relatable topic is presented and left open to group discussion, then at the end the topic will be placed into the realm of what the Bible has to say about it.

Praise Chapel – a worship service that consists of just praising the Lord through song. The students that aren’t leading out pick the songs.

Prayer Circle – A small group devoted to just prayer. A place where burdens can be laid down in the presence of peers, and then be lifted up to prayer.

Bible Study –  a chance for students to open up their Bibles or Great Controversy books to better understand what our future holds for us, and how to know the Bible better in preparation for when we might not have them.

Spiritual Activity – Designed to get students out of their seats in a more fun atmosphere to worship our Saviour.

For some of the leaders the first day of “Choices” was a success, but others learned how hard it is to lead out a group; especially in spiritual matters. Students were eager to share their thoughts on how the first day of the new program went.

Junior, Dylan Gibbons said, ” People need to focus on God more. It is only 40 minutes, they should be able to stop talking and joking around and actually join in and worship. I think it’s really cool to see the Seniors leading out and setting examples. I just wish the student body would participate more.”

Senior, Lucas Raposo enthusiastically quoted, ”  My greatest motivation is to share the gospel with someone today and everyday. It was cool that I got to share what I know with people I don’t usually talk to.”

Senior, Alyssia Cutler sounded a little discouraged after her first group lead out. ” I like the idea of “Choices”. I just wish people cared enough to participate and had enough respect to listen. I didn’t think it’d be this hard to be a leader.”

The Senior class have made a year-long commitment to “Choices”, so there will be eight more programs over the course of the school year for SLA students to experience. The group has settled ok the philosophy that “even if things in life are discouraging, keep pushing forward, because everything we do is ultimately for the audience of one, Jesus Christ.”

What did you think of “Choices”? What could be improved? Comment below about your feelings, or please share any ideas you have to help with the spiritual aspects of our school.


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