Pilgrims, Battleships, & Dead Sea Scrolls

This week the Pioneer decided to cover the field trip events that occurred from September 9-12. Due to seniors being gone on Senior Survival and with many students being involved in the mission trip that took place in Arizona, SLA thought it would be a fun idea to take the remainder of the school on educational field trips for the duration of the week.

On Monday S.L.A. visited the Science Museum in Boston. The students got to go and view the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.
On Tuesday, students attended Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth. Students got to spend time talking with Native American and Puritan re-enactors, finding out what life was like back in the 1600’s.
On Wednesday the school went to the New England Aquarium in Boston. Students attended the IMAX theater and saw a film on great white sharks. In addition, there was the exhibits in the Aquarium and a sea lion show. For lunch, they went and visited Quincy Market.

On Thursday, S.L.A. traveled to Battleship Cove in Fall River. Students were able to make their way through submarines and missile cruisers, and battleships from World War II all the way to the Korean War.

“I thought it was pretty fun, I like having a break from school. Thats always a good thing. My favorite part was probably battleship cove. I liked to scare people and go on the different floors of the ships! It was a lot of fun with all of my friends” stated Freshman Kristina LaFrankie.

Sophomore Tristan Johnson exclaimed, “I liked that I got to see different things that I’ve never seen before. I liked the 3D movie we saw at the New England Aquarium. The week overall was OK but still really fun!”

“It was fun. The only thing was that some of those places I’ve already been to. That made it not as fun as it could’ve been . I’ve never been to Battleship Cove before , but that place was awesome! Another thing that was pretty weird was that half of the school was missing so it made it feel weird. We all missed them, but the field trips were fun and a good idea overall” exclaimed Junior Igor Yoshida.

Will a field trip like this be happening in future years? That depends on if domestic mission trips are planned. “As long as more than the Senior class is away during that week, SLA will consider doing something like this again” stated Academy Vice Principal Jeffrey Lambert.

What was your favorite part about the field trips SLA students?





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