New Rules = Better School a Winning Formula for SLA?

Principal, Ron Huff, has brought forth a tight new agenda to S.L.A.  for 2013. This school year kicked off with new rules about almost everything, such as silent study halls, no cell phone or iPod usage, longer chapels with assigned seats, a larger worship room, stricter dress code and much more. The reaction of our student body has fallen both ways.

Most of the alterations have to deal with growing concerns of unnecessary distraction to the school day. Silent study halls are being instituted to help students stay focused; no cell phones or iPods to direct attention away from class lectures.

Longer chapels, with a specific seating arrangement, have been put in place to give students an opportunity to reconnect with the God S.L.A. so proudly serves.

The school has also made the cafeteria area a part of the chapel room to create a bigger spiritual environment for the high school. It makes the room sacred and God-designated, without the mess brought about by lunch time in the past.

Dress code has become an even stricter policy, with students facing a potential suspension for wearing the unauthorized outfits on multiple occasions. The reason for emphasis on a strict dress code is to promote modesty and appropriateness, eliminating the need to worry about fashion trends or clothing costs. God wants us to appreciate one another for who we are, not how we look.

Current teenagers attending S.L.A have rather mixed opinions on the subject. Approximately half appreciate the change, but the others are intermingled with partial agreement and total hatred.

Senior, Elena Shand, said, “Even though students agree with some of the changes and hate the others I think they are all needed. I think they will act like stepping stones in bringing S.L.A. to a better place and give future students a better learning environment.”

In agreement, Junior, Nakeyah Williams said, “I think the school should buckle down on the students. I mean with all the activities that have happened it will probably be the best school year so far. I just think that it’s good to enforce all of the rules like they do. After all it is a private school.”

On the other hand Senior, Azalea Warner-Walton, agreed with chapel regulations but said, “Study hall is a bit much. I understand we’re supposed to be studying, but I mean the “no talking” thing is quite ridiculous. Also the part on sending kids home or suspending them over dress code is the most ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, dress code is important, but I don’t think it should be a bigger deal than the actual academic welfare of the students.”

S.L.A.’s faculty and staff have stated they have the students’ best interest in mind when choosing to institute policies like this. Enforcing them shows how serious the matter is and the action they are trying to make in creating a better academy.

How do you feel about SLA’s new policies this year? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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