iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Review

The successful iPhone franchise has been going on since January 9, 2007.  Ever since then, iPhones have been on the cutting edge of technology.  On Tuesday, September 10, Apple showed off the new lineup of products.  The iPhone 5c is a cheaper, lighter, and a plastic version of Apple’s previous iPhone 5.  The other device, the iPhone 5s, is now one of the most secure phones on the market, with its new fingerprint scanner.

The iPhone 5c has a brand new design, now made of plastic.  The phone feels like a iPhone 3gs but is designed like the iPhone 5.  Apple went down this road to help cut costs of manufacturing aluminum phones and make it cheaper for the customer.  The iPhone 5c is great for the kids with it’s low-cost, starting at $100 for the 16gb model and $200 for the 32gb model.

The iPhone 5s on the other hand is definitely the superior iPhone, with it’s alunimum design and it’s new A7 processor.  The new features on this iPhone are features that all phones on the marketplace should have.  The iPhone 5s is fast, beautiful, and safe, with it’s new fingerprint scanner on the  home button as one of it’s best features.

“the biggest update to Apple’s new iphone 5s is the A7 processor chip. According to Anand Lal Shimpi, a tech blogger for AnandTech.com, “The A7 is the world’s first 64-bit smartphone SoC, and the first 64-bit mobile SoC shipping in a product.”

In addition to the new 64-bit processor power, Apple gave some love to both the front and back cameras.

Overall this was a good update for the iPhones.  Although some of the expectations werent met, such as a bigger screen, NFC, and a longer battery life, the new iPhone lineup still manages to impress.  These features will most likely come in the next iPhone refresh a year from now.

What do you think about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? which do you prefer? Share in a comment below.


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