The Crisis in Syria: Simplified

courtesy of Google images

courtesy of Google images

Some people might feel left out of conversations due to their minimal knowledge on the current epidemic in Syria. Well those people must fret no longer because this article will give them a crash course on all the basics of the crisis in the middle east. It’s Syria, simplified. Soon you’ll be able to impress your peers with your vast knowledge on the country’s most important news topic.

Where is Syria Located?

For starters, Syria is a country in the Middle East that borders Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and the Mediterranean Sea. Not unlike other middle eastern countries, the government in Syria is a dictatorship. As with past dictator run countries, rebels start to arise and people join to fight for their rights. With the outbreak of rebels in Syria, the government took drastic measures to control the mutiny by allowing the use of chemical weapons on August 21st. This tragic act lead to the death and injury of many innocent people including women and children just east of Damascus.

How are Chemical Weapons Involved?

The area attacked was a civilian agricultural area. This fact brings some to believe that the government intended to draw the rebels further outside the capital. Despite the accusations, the Syrian government denies that it was them who released the chemical weapons. They say the opposition is responsible for the attack due to Western influences. They however, admitted to be in possession of chemical weapons but state that they never intended to use them inside the country. The focus of blame continues to be on the Syrian government despite their denial. Other countries differ in opinion concerning this horrific event. The western government agree in their placement of blame.

How does this involve the United States?

The U.S. accused Syria of using chemical weapons against their own citizens. The U.K. government also agrees that Syrian Authorities are most likely responsible. The French government also assumes that the Syrian government were the only ones capable of such an attack. The chemical used in this attack, Sarin, seems to be the one in the possession of the Syrian government leading the focus back to them.

Contrary to the Western governments, Russia and China both side with the Syrian government believing that the catastrophic event was probably an attack lead by the rebel side.

Why does the U.S. want to get involved?

President Obama was eager to get involved with the Syrian Crisis. Making sure Syria is no longer in possession of chemical weapons would ease the minds of the government knowing that those weapons couldn’t be used against them. With their economic involvement and large military, the U.S. seemingly has an excuse to react. According to U.S.  citizens however, it may not be in the countries best interest to get involved. The U.S. and Russia came to an agreement to try to destroy and chemical weapons in Syria and considering Russia’s stance in the Syria crisis, the U.S. now has to rely on Russia to keep their end of the bargain.

 As investigations continue and different countries intervene, the story of the sadness in Syria continues to unfold. Everyday more news of Syria is spread and its easy to stay informed. Now that all those previously uninformed people are caught up the next time they pass a conversation concerning Syria they can step in and join the discussion and remember to keep Syria in their prayers as well.


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