Students on Arizona Mission Trip Get a New Perspective on God

20130919-072003.jpgOn the Friday of September 6, fourteen South Lancaster Academy students and four chaperones boarded an airplane and headed to Holbrook Indian School (HIS) in Arizona for mission work for a week.

The students helped with renovation of the school and also provided worships for the Holbrook students throughout their week in attendance.

Everywhere they went, SLA students had opportunities to share God’s compassion. Students participated in the insulation and dry-walling of the first floor, as well as provided worship services every night for HIS students. Afterwards, SLA students would have the opportunity to help Holbrook students clean their dorms and help out in the kitchen.

Sophomore, Jared Allain, shares an experience where they stopped to help a woman pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire. “We found out the lady had actually been praying, and we were her miracle” Jared says. “…just kind of makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.”

Another sophomore, DeAnna Brown recalled when Holbrook Indian School’s vice principal, Mrs. Poorbear-Adams, came and shared her experiences as a Native American with SLA students. “She came in and talked to us about her experience as an Indian,” says DeAnna. “[She said] a lot of people…don’t spend a lot of money on houses…not even really on education.”

All in all, the students arrived back home with some things to keep in mind. “It gave me a new perspective on God,” says sophomore and worship coordinator for the trip, Sophia Bruso. “To actually go to another place outside of my life was really opening.”

“Like a lot of times coming back from a mission trip,” shares DeAnna. “[I’m] grateful for what I have.”

The next question is “Where do we go from here?”

SLA treasurer and mission trip coordinator Jamie Daum says there is a good possibility of going back in future years.

“They were very facilitating to us,” she stated of Holbrook.

SLA students should expect to see opportunities for in-country mission trips along with SLA’s traditional international mission trip in coming years.


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